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In a word: baierdrehteile


Turned parts. But not just any turned parts. 

What do an aircraft engine and a precision surgical instrument have in common? That’s right, both incorporate turned parts – ideally, supplied by us. baierdrehteile is a traditional family business that is always focussed on the developments of the future. 

Which sectors are the most important? And how can turned part production be improved in the future? Where others see problems, we see only the solution: baierdrehteile.

Good Reasons

4 reasons to order your
turned parts with Baier.

As an owner-managed family business at Baier Drehteile you benefit not only from short decision-making processes, but of course also from more than 50 years of experience in the machining industry. This experience has resulted in an extensive network of specialists that we bring into our team of highly qualified employees as needed to provide you with a cost-effective yet high-quality solution. We love the challenge and grow from it, because our team always fights passionately for your success.

Our solutions give you the security you need to plan your own orders. This also includes that you can rely on the quality of our products. Four of our employees dedicate themselves exclusively to quality assurance and accompany your products already during production. At the same time, thanks to a targeted needs analysis for your project, we not only always have the budget in mind, but also promise you an optimal price-performance ratio. With our 5-S workplace design, we ensure a consistently high quality of your products in a short production time.

As a customer, you always come first with us. We always act in a customer-oriented manner, communicate openly and honestly, and constantly adapt to your needs and those of the market. Accordingly, we always keep our communication and production at the cutting edge of technology. This pays off especially in digital production planning. This not only guarantees you the best delivery dates, as we can record free capacities to the minute, but also ensures that you always receive your orders on time. We rely on personal contact persons and fixed structures for order processing. This way we ensure that all important information from our customers arrives where it is needed.

From us, you not only get complete solutions from a single source, but also in a high vertical range of manufacture. This gives us a high level of control over your product quality and makes us independent of suppliers. This gives you a high degree of planning security and saves time. Time is money, so we respond to your inquiries within the shortest possible time, submit an offer within 48 hours in 92% of all cases, and act as an extended arm for you if you wish - from product development to assembly. We not only advise you professionally, but also implement your ideas together, consistently and quickly.


3 principles that make better turned parts

All good things come in threes! That’s exactly how we see it as a manufacturer of precision turned parts and is why we have formulated three principles that guide the production of genuine baierdrehteile parts each and every day. Only a company that takes its quality management seriously can effectively meet the requirements of its customers and guarantee perfect turned parts. We deliver quality; certified and sustainable. On that you can depend.

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Sustainability at baierdrehteile

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in every aspect of our company. It starts with the production of high-quality turned parts, which not only have an extremely long service life and high quality, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

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A proud look back


50 years anniversary

2021 Baier Drehteile celebrates 50th anniversary!


The new standard

Sustainably certified: baierdrehteile demonstrates how excellent quality management is part of its corporate identity through certification according to the established International Automotive Task Force (IATF) standard.


Expansion, part 3

Confirming Germany as a location: production, logistics, warehouse and finishing facilities are expanded, with the total area of baierdrehteile now 3,700 m².



Markus Baier, who was already an executive partner of baierdrehteile, takes over leadership of the family-run company from his late father Erwin.


Certified QMS

To guarantee the reliable quality of its products, baierdrehteile commissions a state-of-the-art QM system. The system proves so efficient it is awarded DIN ISO 9001 certification.


Expansion, part 2

The company grows and expands: through completion of the new production facilities and a warehouse with crane, the production area effectively doubles to 2,600 m².


Change of company name

A big step comes after 25 years when the one-man business Erwin Baier becomes Baier Drehteile GmbH – a new name, but with the exact same excellent quality turned parts.


Family addition

Markus Baier, son of founding father Erwin Baier, joins the company and immediately takes over important operations and departments, including Production.


Expansion, part 1

As a bold vision quickly turned into reality, Erwin Baier's production facility is practically bursting at the seams. Ten years after establishing the company, the first extension building is consequently built.


A true pioneering spirit

While others tinker in their garage, Erwin Baier takes up the whole basement. It was actually here that the Gunningen entrepreneur set up his own company almost 50 years ago.