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Solutions from baierdrehteile 
We know our way around: For over 50 years, we have built up comprehensive industry expertise. For us, the highest design quality and functional safety are indispensable components of successful development as well as precise and punctual production - a standard that we adhere to without compromise. Customers and partners value our reliability and expertise. We have been working successfully with some of them for many years - perhaps we will soon be working with you too?


Automotive components from baierdrehteile

Always up to speed. We have been manufacturing high-quality automotive turned parts for prestigious car manufacturers and their suppliers for many years. Transmission and engine parts, fluid connectors, components for interiors, emissions technology, auxiliary heating systems and seat fixtures – baierdrehteile offers a broad product portfolio specifically for the automotive industry. The range also includes chassis parts for caravans and motorhomes and components for airbags and other car safety systems.

Plastics & Electrical engineering components from baierdrehteile

Smart solutions from baierdrehteile. We manufacture precision-processed inserted parts for the Plastics & Electrical engineering sectors. These are essentially turned parts that are reprocessed and overmoulded in plastic moulds for serial production by our customers. Our product portfolio is highly diverse, encompassing spacer sleeves, knurled bushings and threaded inserts for pump housings, intake manifolds, cylinder head covers, air conditioning housings, fuse boxes and mobile phones.

Mechanical engineering components from baierdrehteile

The whole works. From drive shafts, motor axles, spindles and sliding bushings to piston and transport rollers, we plan and manufacture all our turned parts precisely according to specifications. Valued for our development expertise, we supply precision turned parts to traditional mechanical engineering companies as well as automotive, construction machinery and agricultural machinery manufacturers. Premium reliability ensures that your production runs without a hitch.

Medical engineering components from baierdrehteile

Committed to medical advancement. The standards placed on medical engineering turned parts are particularly high because the quality of such codetermines the effectiveness of therapies and success of surgical interventions. Absolute precision is consequently our starting point when developing and manufacturing challenging products in cooperation with our customers, in turn allowing us to play our part in helping people regain health more quickly and less stressfully in future.

Fluid & Hydraulic system components from baierdrehteile

Turned parts for a perfect power flow. In the fluid and hydraulics segment, we primarily help our customers to develop and bring to fruition new engine, brake and chassis management components. Be it in mechanical engineering or the manufacture of cars and large construction and agricultural machines – fluid connection components from baierdrehteile such as union nuts, brazed unions and control pistons provide ideal power transmission and ensure a long service life even under high mechanical loading.

Aerospace components from baierdrehteile

Above and beyond with baierdrehteile. Aerospace technology customers also rely on the quality of our work. We consequently manufacture parts that are later incorporated into helicopter components, aircraft interiors, turbine technology and many other applications. Given that the requirements and demands in an aerospace setting are extremely strict, design assignments in this area are regarded as especially complex challenges for our development and production departments.

Fittings technology components from baierdrehteil

A sure thing. When it comes to high-quality fittings and connection technology, baierdrehteile is sure to have everything you need. We manufacture a large proportion of fixing and drive mechanisms in this product area, including lock system latches, switch cams, link pins, spindles and much more. But that's not all: we can also supply our customers with all the connection elements required for a successful single-source product, including pins, rods and connection rivets.

Customised components from baierdrehteile

Got an unusual idea and need a turned part that doesn’t yet exist? Then we would be delighted to meet you! Regardless of the function or application area at which your product is aimed – we will find the ideal solution for your situation. Not only do we work precisely according to your specifications during planning and development, we also ensure that production is cost-effective for you as a company.