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Sustainability at baierdrehteile 


Sustainability at baierdrehteile 
Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our company. It starts with the production of high-quality turned parts, which not only have a long service life and high quality, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection. We understand sustainability as a comprehensive concept that takes equal account of ecological, economic and social factors. We are guided by the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Ecological aspects

Preservation of 
natural resources

We optimize the entire chip management process, from the generation to the further processing of chips. We help to protect the environment and conserve resources by efficiently removing and recycling chips, especially from high-performance machines and complex materials. Automated feeding, shredding and briquetting of the chips increase the degree of autonomy of our systems and minimize costs. Residual waste is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our approach to sustainability is based on the responsible use of natural resources.We therefore only use sustainable packaging.

At Baier Drehteile, we have already largely replaced toxic substances with non-toxic alternatives.

We source the materials for our production primarily from the region, within a radius of 20 to 30 kilometers. This promotes the local economy and minimizes transport routes and the associated emissions.

Economic aspects

Profit generation, without 
long-term damage to resources

In 2023, we took a significant step towards green energy. Our photovoltaic system was not only completely renovated, but also expanded, so that it now has an impressive output of 300 KV. This modernization is an essential part of our strategy to improve our carbon footprint and operate more sustainably. In addition, a considerable proportion of our other energy purchases, namely 61%, come from renewable sources.

We have converted our company car fleet to 10 hybrid and fully electric vehicles. This not only supports more environmentally friendly mobility, but also reduces our overall greenhouse gas emissions. We have set up 7 charging stations for these vehicles on our company premises. This measure facilitates and promotes the use of electric cars within our company.

Another step in our environmental strategy is the switch to digital document management. Our work processes are now fully digitalized, which significantly reduces paper consumption. This initiative not only saves resources and reduces our environmental footprint, but also increases the efficiency of our work processes.

Social aspects

Conscious organization of 
social & cultural systems

Our company prides itself on playing an active role in the local community and supporting sustainable initiatives. Our efforts in this area include sponsorships, donations and reforestation projects, all designed to help make a positive impact on our surroundings and beyond.

A key part of our community involvement is supporting local associations. The clubs we sponsor include NJ Hajduk VS, TV Aixheim and TG Schömberg. Through our sponsorship, we aim to contribute to the promotion of local sport and cultural activities that strengthen the social fabric and sense of community in our region.

In addition to our sponsorship, we also support local clubs through direct donations. For example, we have provided financial support for the anniversary events of the Gunningen youth group, the MV Musikverein and TSV Gunningen. These donations are an important part of our commitment to the local community and help to make the diverse activities and projects of these clubs possible.

Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in our reforestation project. We buy our fresh fruit from Fruitful Office every week. For every fruit basket we receive, a tree is planted in Malawi. With four baskets per week, we contribute to the planting of numerous trees. This proj